Studying abroad with Forum-Nexus really is the best of both worlds. Aside from exploring European cities daily, students are also able to experience higher European education first-hand?. The third host institution of the Forum-Nexus program is Franklin University Switzerland. Located in the lovely city of Lugano, Franklin sits in a manicured, green campus overlooking beautiful views of mountains and Lake Lugano.

Program Director Dr. Hugo Hervitz has kept a close partnership with FUS for several years. Every year, Franklin has warmly opened their arms to the visiting students of Forum-Nexus. “We have had a special relationship with Franklin University Switzerland for many years. FUS is one of three academic institutions who serve as academic co-sponsors of our program. FUS is a selective liberal arts university located in Lugano. The language of instruction is English and FUS is fully accredited both in Switzerland and in the U.S.”, says Dr. Hervitz.

After weeks of bustling around bigger cities, a day trip back to the quaint and beautiful Switzerland adds a nice mix to the trip. Dr. Hervitz says of the fifth stop,” Lugano is located in the Italian speaking region of Switzerland. The cultural characteristics of the population are very interesting: emotional, warm, and passionate, like Italians, yet having a profound sense of order and abiding by the rules, like the Swiss!”

Arriving in the morning from Chamonix, the day is divided between education and exploration. “Every summer, as part of our itinerary, we visit the campus, we hold classes there, we listen to presentations by FUS professors, and we also have time for sightseeing activities in beautiful Lugano!”, explains Dr. Hervitz.

Anyone who visits FUS will immediately notice the laid back atmosphere and welcoming people. Another unique characteristic of this university is in fact the student body.  Just like Forum-Nexus, their students come from all over the world. Between classes, Forum-Nexus students can sit and chat with FUS students in the campus cafe.

One of the Forum-Nexus’ senior professors, Georges Rocourt, has been a full-time professor at FUS for many years; making this stop extra special. “Just like he is adored by his Forum-Nexus students, Georges is extremely popular at the Franklin campus in Lugano. He is very close to his students and he is often seen in the local bar near the campus talking with groups of 4-5 students about European politics or…about European soccer!”, says Dr. Hervitz.

Franklin University is another memorable destination on the full and exciting itinerary of Forum-Nexus. It’s hard not to fall in love with the beautiful views, unique town, and warm people!