Special discount for Veterans!

We at Forum-Nexus Study Abroad recognize the commitment and sacrifice U.S. veterans have made for their country. We encourage veterans to pursue a study abroad experience, to enjoy an educational and recreational trip abroad, and are now offering a total of 5 scholarships to U.S. veterans who participate in the Forum Europe Summer 2015 program each worth a tuition-reduction of $1,750.

Eligibility Requirements:

·      Applicants must be an honorably discharged veteran

·      Applicants must participate in the Forum Europe Summer 2015 program, and have already applied prior to submission of scholarship application (there is no application fee)

·      Applicants must have a GPA of 2.8 or higher

Application Materials:

·      Completed application form

·      Resume

·      A letter of recommendation

·      A recent academic transcript

Application deadline: April 10, 2015

All application materials must be sent electronically to

Academic transcripts must be official, issued by the applicant’s university. For more information on how to apply or questions, please send us an email to with the subject, “Veteran Scholarship.”

Forum Europe Summer 2015: 8 Cities in 1 Month is a unique study abroad opportunity in which students from around the world travel to 8 cities in 5 European countries in 1 month! Students have the opportunity to earn up to 9 credits, and courses are open to all majors. More information may be found at

*To receive the application form, please email us.*


A day trip to Cinque Terre

Italy is commonly known for its beautiful cities – particularly Rome, Venice, and Florence. But there is another land, just west of La Speiza, hidden in the Italian Rivera; an area in Italy not to miss. The Cinque Terre, or “The Five Lands” is made up of five villages: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso al Mare, All are full of life, culture, and beauty. Hiking trails, paths, boats, and trains connect these five Italian villages, which bring tourists into a world where they can feel taken back into an old Italian culture.

Brightly colored homes, hidden paths along streams and vineyards, and small local shops along the Italian coastline make for a relaxing, beautiful escape from reality. One could get lost in the quiet village of Corniglia, full  of small cobblestone alleyways, friendly faces, and shops filled with hand painted ceramics. Walking through the maze of small streets to the city center, I couldn’t help but feel as if I had gone back in time to an older Italy.  Leaving Cornigilia, via the trail known as “Sentiero Azzuro,” I was challenged to coastline trails winding in and out of changing terrains. After stopping for pictures in a few locations to capture the beautiful scenery, I arrived at Vernazza. I was stunned to see a town filled with restaurants along a mini boat-filled port, fresh seafood, wines, and a small waterfall emptying into the sea. Beach bums flock to rest on the rocks at the waterfall, in hopes of getting a beautiful Italian tan. Colorfully painted boats float on their buoys, leaving a picturesque setting as the sun shines brightly on the ocean. After finding the trail hidden between some shops to continue on the journey, a more difficult terrain left me exhausted and lost in an exhilarating trek. Ocean views high in the hills, rivers to cross, and waterfalls to soak in took me to the village of Monterosso al Mare. Here I found a larger village with several lounge chairs, volleyball nets, and bocce ball. The abundance of gelato and fresh seafood still leaves my mouth watering for the village of Monterosso al Mare. Friendly locals greeted me as I walked down the road to the village, high up on a hill. This was a great place to grab a bite, sit out in the sand, or take a dip in the ocean.  Carrying on to Riomaggiore, I came to a larger village where I grabbed a treat to sit amongst cobblestone steps and people watch. Sweet couples, fishermen, and children filled the small streets of Riomaggiore.  In just that short time, I felt very accustomed to the villages of Cinque Terre.

Whether you take a boat, train, or walk the trails to the villages, you will gain a deeper respect for the Italian culture when visiting Cinque Terre. Walking trails let you witness the locals’ way of living. By exploring trails behind small homes and crops, I was challenged with jumps over streams and ducking beneath fallen trees. Seeing the colorful homes in the distance on the way to the next village left me awestruck and curious about this quaint way of living. Cinque Terre is a beautiful and remarkable escape, a place everyone should see in his or her lifetime.

By: Jillian Peterson, Forum-Nexus alumnae

Jilian peterson


The beauty and charm of Venice

Visiting Venice was my first day trip during the Forum-Nexus summer 2014 program. The train ride was 2 hours from Milan, but it was beautiful. The greenery was bright and vivid, and the farmland had an extra light to it compared to what I see in the States. You could tell the farmers were organized and on top of their work. In between the different valleys and farms, there were little towns to admire. Some were small with little houses, and some were big with multiple houses stacked up the hills.

When we finally arrived to the train station in Venice, we followed Hugo’s advice and walked to the right of the canal to get to the square. Everything about Venice was amazing. On our way to the square, we saw here little market kiosks lining the street. Some kiosks just had touristy things, while others had clothing and jewelry. We really enjoyed ourselves with all of the shopping! My favorite part of the city was that literally at every turn there was a canal. Some were big and some were small, but every canal had a bridge leading to a new section of town. People in Venice don’t use cars because of the smaller streets. The canals are their streets and boats are their cars. I think it’s very cool that their form of transportation to work or stores is either by foot or a boat.

After walking for about 45 minutes, we made it to the square. It was huge and had buildings with amazing architecture. The outskirts of the square were filled with restaurants and shops. We walked and shopped a little more and then found a place to eat. I had delicious pasta with oil and garlic, which was the perfect meal for lunch! Afterwards, we continued walking around the market areas before heading back to the station. We decided to take the opposite route back to the station, so that we could see as much of the city as possible – and that’s just what happened. By the time we got back to the station, we had walked a full circle around the city and some in between. Before getting on our train we grabbed some gelato and stopped to rested our feet. Visiting Venice  was an amazing shopping and sightseeing-filled day. I’m really happy that I decided to take a day trip during the program, and I think that the beauty and charm of Venice is  definitely something everyone should see in his or her lifetime!

By: Callan Chapman, Forum-Nexus 2014 Alumna

Callan Chapman


A day in Florence, Italy

If you are ever given the opportunity to visit Florence, Italy, do not walk but RUN to this majestic city. Florence showcases all of Italy’s best qualities: art, food, hospitality, goods, and rich culture. Florence is an absolutely beautiful Italian city and my day trip there with fellow Forum-Nexus friends is an experience I will never forget.

After a short train ride from Bologna, a few friends and I arrived in Florence to begin our day of exploration. After a few blocks of walking we suddenly found ourselves emerged in the heart of Florence. Everywhere we looked there were old yet beautiful buildings which gave a very Renaissance feel. Little shops and cart markets were set up on nearly every street corner. Artists were sprinkled throughout the town selling their work. There was a unique sense of energy in the air. I knew it was going to be an unforgettable day of exposing myself to more incredible Italian culture.

Thanks to a few art history classes, I had my heart set on seeing a few historic sites such as the Bell Tower, Ponte Vecchio across the Arno river, and Florence Cathedral. Yes, Florence is home to the Statue of David but due to costs and wait time to see the figure, my group decided to spend our day seeing more of Florence.

The first group feat was Giotto’s Bell Tower. My friends and I bravely set out to climb the 414 steps to the very top of the Bell Tower. Climbing 414 steps in the middle of summer was definitely challenging. However, when we finally reached the top, the view was beyond rewarding. I was speechless as I gazed over the sprawling and colorful landscape of Florence. The great thing about the tower is that you can walk around the edge of the tower and see every angle of the city. It is truly the most beautiful view of Florence and forever a high point in my Forum-Nexus adventure. I encourage every future traveler to climb the Bell Tower, you won’t regret it!

Once we accomplished our climb we waltzed into a few shops and wandered around the city until our appetites got the best of us. We refueled at a cute and cozy Italian pizzeria. Florence has an abundance of casual restaurants to grub on amazing Italian cuisine; in fact, everywhere in Italy has great food, really.  Afterwards we went in search of gelato, *traveler tip: eat gelato after every meal in Italy to get the full Italian experience*. That’s when I discovered the “Festival del Gelato”. This fabulous shop held the most delicious gelato I’ve ever tried in my entire life. Plus, the shop was incredibly decorated and fun! It felt like a night club that served gelato. I would visit Florence again just to go back to Festival del Gelato, it’s that amazing!


The rest of the day was spent gazing over the Arno river, visiting the town market square, and taking in all the art. A few particularly beautiful spots included the Palazzo Vecchio and the Loggia dei Lanzi which features several sculptures.

Florence has so much to offer; beauty to the eye, culture to the mind, and entertainment to the soul. To get a sense of the history of Italy and culture, Florence is a prime spot. It’s far different from Milan, Venice, Bologna, and Rome but in the best ways. Though my time there was short, it was a blast! I’m looking forward to one day going back.



Special Discounts for Members of Fraternities & Sororities!

We at Forum-Nexus Study Abroad recognize that fraternity men and sorority women are committed to maintaining a high academic GPA, connecting with their local communities, and making a difference for their philanthropies. In an effort to reward this commitment to service, scholarship, and brotherhood/sisterhood, we’re offering a total of 10 scholarships to fraternity men and sorority women who participate in the Forum Europe Summer 2015 program each worth a tuition-reduction of $1,750.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicants must be a member of a nationally recognized fraternity or sorority
  • Applicants must participate in the Forum Europe Summer 2015 program, and have already applied prior to submission of scholarship application
  • Applicants must maintain a GPA of 2.8 or higher

Application deadline: March 31, 2015

For more information on how to apply, please send us an email on with the subject, “Greek Scholarship.”


Forum Europe Summer 2015: 8 Cities in 1 Month is a unique study abroad opportunity in which students from around the world travel to 8 cities in 5 European countries in 1 month! Students have the opportunity to earn up to 9 credits, and courses are open to all majors. More information may be found at



IMG_9956 sunset rhodes group pic

The Forum-Nexus Philosophy

You may have come across several articles explaining why one should study abroad. Some claim it broadens career goals while others encourage it because of the boost it gives to a resume. The one thing that everyone has agreed to is the cross-cultural communication skills that are indispensable in today’s global village.

Forum-Nexus Study Abroad programs have been evolving around this idea for 25 years now with a compelling mission of graduating global citizens through their programs.

We take our mission seriously:

“To provide a first-class international educational experience and to foster an appreciation for the richness of other cultures, by offering unique and life-changing summer programs that encourage the exchange of ideas with individuals from around the world, and create a community of students with a passion for learning and exploring the world with an open mind.”

Forum-Nexus Study Abroad is a unique multi-country study abroad program that is designed to expose students to different countries and cultures. This is not only achieved by traveling to different cities in one month, but through the diverse nationalities of students that travel, study, and live together during that time.

On its motivation to start Forum-Nexus, Dr. Hugo Hervitz,Professor and Executive Director, comments: “I wanted to take the students on site to know more about the global economy, to understand other cultures, to have fun… and to be exposed to other languages, to really enjoy cultural differences. I wanted to take them away from the provincialism that in some cases prevails, and it worked!”

Another aspect of our program, also driven by our mission, is our International IQ seminar. Every student who participates in our program gets to attend this seminar conducted by Dr. Hervitz through which relevant global issues and different cultures are discussed.

According to Christian Burns who joined Forum-Nexus as a student in 2014, “Hugo put so much thought into where we went, how long, the professional visits & how we arrived. I had the best time of my life on this trip & would recommend Forum-Nexus to anyone. On this trip I not only learned…[I] met some of my best friends, found some of my favorite places. If someone asked me about the time I had, I would just reply, ‘You just have to experience it!’

From our program you can expect to gain new friends from around the world, have a great and rich educational study abroad experience, an amazing summer around Europe, and of course become a global citizen with an increased level of International IQ!

Join us!


A Weekend In Bologna, Italy

Our weekend stay in Bologna, Italy was short but absolutely delightful, to say the least. Being one of many Italian cities on the Forum-Nexus summer itinerary, I found Bologna to be the most authentic to the Italian culture. Bologna was much more laid-back and less touristy, giving me the opportunity to walk around and explore more freely.

Walking around the city was an absolute treat. The architecture was beautifully aged, yet vibrant. During my stay, I discovered Bologna is home to the oldest university in the world, The University of Bologna, a title highly esteemed by citizens and visitors alike. Bologna also had many other beautiful focal points including the Fountain of Neptune, Due Tori (two towers), Piazza Maggiore, and the Basilica of San Petronio. The rich Italian culture was evident everywhere I looked. Another popular feature of Bologna were the many shopping markets around the city. The markets were affordable and they were great places to buy leather products. The best aspect of discovering Bologna was how easy it was to navigate the city and not feel overwhelmed by tourists or city dwellers because it’s a very spread out and relaxed city.

What I was not expecting was how insanely delicious Bologna’s cuisine was. Of course, Italy is known for delicious food, but Bologna surpassed all of my expectations, especially compared to other cities in Italy we visited. I was not disappointed at any point during my food quests in Bologna. There were gourmet pizzerias and gelato shops on nearly every corner. The shops were friendly, affordable, and most importantly, the food was delicious. Throughout the weekend I was able to try a few customary Italian dishes including linguine with Bolognese sauce, tortellini, and Tagliatelle alla bolognes. I completely understand why Bologna is regarded as the “Foodie Capital of Italy”- and I agree!


 Another great advantage to staying the weekend in Bologna was the flexibility to hop on a train and visit a nearby popular Italian city. The two most popular destinations were Venice and Florence. There was a very accessible train station near our hotel in Bologna. In a short five-minute walk, I was able to buy a ticket and board a train for a day-trip with my friends. Many other Forum-Nexus students took advantage of this as well.

Bologna might be considered one of those spots “off the beaten path,” but I am so happy I was able to visit. It was a relaxing, culture-infused, and memorable stay. I hope to return one day to re-experience the magnificence of Bologna, Italy.