International Education Week (IEW) is a celebration of the benefits of education abroad. At Forum-Nexus, international education is at the core of everything that we do. Our mission is, “To provide a first-class international educational experience and to foster an appreciation for the richness of other cultures, by offering unique and life-changing summer programs that encourage the exchange of ideas with individuals from around the world, and create a community of students with a passion for learning and exploring the world with an open mind.”


During our summer program, all students participate in our 1-credit International IQ Seminar course. We define international IQ as the minimum level of international knowledge that a student should have in order to come across as a cultured and educated individual in an international situation, such as a gathering of professionals from around the world, or an international negotiation.

IQS3Our alumni network includes over 3,300 people from around the world who have stepped outside of their comfort zone and studied abroad with us. In the spirit of International Education Week, we asked some of our alumni what international education means to them:

“Learning about and experiencing other cultures! International education is vital to being a global citizen – to understanding, appreciating, and recognizing the ways in which people around the world live and considering their perspectives.” – Gabriella, Summer 2012

“To me, international education is taking the initiative to broaden your intellectual horizons by stepping outside of your own ‘bubble’ while also making a conscious effort to become a better global citizen.” -Alyssa, Summer 2014

“International education is the path to a more culturally respectful and empathetic society. It is the end of ethnocentric attitudes and the beginning of enhanced globalization. Effective international education, in my opinion, is a key component in attaining world peace. For me international education meant abolishing all of the prejudices that I was conditioned to believe as I grew up a privileged white male. Additionally, international education is a gateway to personal enlightenment because it is a great way to learn about how privileged we are to have the opportunity to access education.” – Nick, Summer 2015

“You can only learn so much from reading a book, watching a video, or conducting research about a particular subject. At one point or another your imagination is capped, because you have not divulged into that subjects culture and environment. International education is just that, stepping outside of your habitat and exploring someone else’s.” – Selin, Summer 2014

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