Like the age-old saying goes, “all good things must come to an end.” And sometimes those good things happen to be an incredible study abroad experience. You came, you saw, and you conquered. So now what? One thing is for sure:The post-abroad blues are likely to come creeping in. Why? Because nothing is cooler than traveling, and studying abroad is one of the best ways to travel.

Here’s a few tips from an experienced traveler who has learned to kick the inevitable end-of-adventure gloom to the curb.

Stay busy

This is pretty much the golden rule when dealing with anything heavy on your mind. Post-travel blues are very real and can take a toll on you. Though life has transitioned back to the seemingly ordinary, don’t let the blues get in the way of it being awesome and eventful!  Jump back into your routine with the same zest you carried while discovering the world. Life really is what you make it.  How can you stay busy? Set goals, meet new people, try a different hobby, focus on making other ambitions come true, and practice constant positivity. By doing these things, you’ll allow yourself the opportunity to keep growing as a person and discover new sources of joy.

Explore your city

Any true wanderlust can agree that the itch to move and explore never goes away. (Especially once your soul has been electrified taking in international wonders of the world). Here’s the quickest way to appease that itch: explore your current city. It may sound less appealing than being in Europe, but there is always something to see – even in your own backyard! Get online and read about your city’s top attractions. You’re likely to find at least one intriguing place that you’ve not had the chance to try out yet. It could be a new restaurant, art exhibit, or random festival. I promise there is something to be seen and appreciated.

Keep in touch with your study abroad friends

Friendship is one of the greatest rewards of travel. Regardless of the distance, you should never lose touch with the awesome individuals you met abroad. After all, these are the people who got you through your patches of homesickness and culture shock.  On days you’re really missing being abroad, send them a text or request a Skype call. Chances are they’re missing you and being abroad as well. Together you can reconnect and reminisce about all the great memories. It’s more fun to be nostalgic with friends than to sit around and mope about it. Study abroad friends will always hold a special place in your heart so don’t push them out!

Plan your next trip

Every lover of travel needs another getaway to look forward to. Find a destination. Read about that place. Save money. Set aside time, whether it is in two months or two years.  Preparation will set your plans in action. Maybe your study abroad excursion left you a little tight on funds for a while – no worries!  You can opt for something simple like a road trip or the cheapest flight to a city on your bucket list. Remember: a good travel experience does not have to be expensive. Above all, promise yourself to get up and get out there as soon as life throws you a fleeting chance.

It’s absolutely natural to be a little bummed after partaking in a life-changing experience. Though it will be a hard to top studying abroad, life goes on, and there will surely be many more beautiful, enriching life moments to have. Cherish the memories that you will forever carry with you and look forward to the opportunities and other adventures to come!