Q: There are so many interesting and beautiful places to choose in Spain. What made you decide to visit Calella?

The decision to visit Calella was influenced by a couple of different things. I knew that I wanted to take a day trip to the beach at some point while in Spain. Also, I knew that I didn’t  necessarily want to deal with the overpopulated local beaches in Barcelona because I do not enjoy being confined to small areas at the beach. The idea to go to Calella actually came from Forum-Nexus professor Peter Resch. He said that when he studied in Barcelona he would frequently visit Calella for the beach and the nightlife in the small city. His description of the beach town and insightful recommendations convinced quite a few students to visit Calella over the weekend in Barcelona.


Q: Describe your day in Calella. What was it like? What types of things did you do/see?

Well once we arrived at the train station we kind of immediately set out to find a place on the beach and a restaurant/bar that would accommodate all of our wants and needs. We walked for a bit through the streets of the city but nothing seemed to be open at the time due to siesta. We then walked along the beach until we found a general area that we would set up in and we chose one of the beachside bars in the area that was open and serving food. After eating we made our way over to the beach area and set up our spot. Some of the group set up towels and soaked up some sun while some of us threw a frisbee around and swam in the ocean. The beach was not very populated at all and it was very relaxing. We explored farther down the beach before we headed back to the train station to go back to our hotel in Barcelona.


Q: Would you recommend this weekend excursion spot to future students?

If so, why? I would definitely recommend Calella as a weekend excursion. It is especially appealing to those who would rather go to the beach to relax and hangout with a smaller group of people. There are still plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars within the city as well, so there is a lot to do.


Q: What items would you suggest bringing for a day trip to Calella? How much money?

Well of course bring your general beach items like a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, maybe a frisbee or a soccer ball, lots of water, and swimming gear. One thing that I regret not bringing with me on to Calella is my skateboard. If you happen to bring a skateboard or longboard on your trip, or if you are able to rent one, Calella would be a very fun place to use it. There are a lot of winding roads and paths that would be very fun to explore on a board. As for how much money to bring with you, it is generally the same as going out in Barcelona. Dinner and drinks are around €15, and the round-trip train ticket was about the same. After those expenses, factor in how much money you plan spending on souvenirs and such.

Q: If you could go back again, would you do anything differently? Try out different parts of the beach? Restaurants? Attractions?

If I ever go back to Calella in the future, I will be sure to arrive there earlier and give myself more time to explore the entire area. Also, I would bring a small bluetooth speaker to listen to music on the beach. I would also like to find and eat at a more authentic Spanish restaurant, since the beachside bar/restaurant was kind of touristy and generic.