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Destination 9: This is the Island of Rhodes!

Last but not least, we end our city spotlight series with the final destination on the Forum Europe 2017 itinerary: Rhodes, Greece! Want to experience all 9+ cities yourself this summer? Join us!


After saying “ciao!” to Rome, Forum-Nexus will hop on a plane headed south to trade the bustle of mainland life for island time on the magical Island of Rhodes, Greece.


 Greece is one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world; Google a few pictures of any Greek island and it’s easy to see why. Besides the scenery, Greece is deeply loved for the friendly locals, incredible food, and overall affordability.


The Island of Rhodes holds all of the charm Greece is famous for: Deep blue seas, medieval towns, white houses scattered among the rolling hills, sprawling beaches, and endless breathtaking views. The island is located in the very eastern part of the Greek islands; in fact, you can see the mountains of Turkey from the shores of Ixia Beach!  Rhodes isn’t as touristy or as populated as other Greek destinations, which is a nice change of pace after 4 weeks of jam-packed fun.


We really do save the best for last! See how our students from last summer spent their time exploring Rhodes in this recap.


During the final 6 days of the program, the group will stay reside ocean-side at the magnificent Sheraton Rhodes Resort. Students will attend their last classes before taking final exams, explore the island, unwind by the resort pool or Aegean Sea, have the opportunity to explore nearby town Lindos on an Optional FN Day Trip, and celebrate the end of the summer at FN’s iconic farewell party + graduation ceremony. To say the least, the week will be a perfect way to conclude an unforgettable summer abroad.


Is Greece on your travel bucket list? Now is the time to check it off!

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Visiting Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes was by far my favorite city on all accounts.

The locals I met were really kind and helpful. Compared to other nations, I found the Greeks were much more comfortable speaking English, and happy to help us learn Greek words. I also enjoyed hearing about many locals’ lives; I learned that many of them hold highly influential jobs during the winter months but work fun touristy jobs in the summer months. My friends and I even befriended a few locals right here at the Sheraton Resort! The weather is absolutely perfect here during these summer months and everyone seems to be in high spirits. The overall atmosphere in Greece is great!

The nearby Old Town in Rhodes is a really fun place to visit. There are so many shops and restaurants – it’s impossible to be bored. There are many unique things to be found there. Old Town is especially beautiful with all of the old walls and landmarks still in place. It’s fascinating to see and feel the history of a specific region, and appreciate the beautiful and strong architecture of the ancient structures. That is one characteristic that I miss out on by living in such a young nation.

I also thoroughly enjoy the history of Greece. I’ve always had a strong interest in Greek Mythology and the culture of people at that time; so I love being able to go to some of these same places and see things that I’ve only read about. I love how proud the Greeks are of their history. For example, a statue of Colossus used to protect the city of Rhodes, and all ships entering the harbor had to sail under the statute. Even though he only stood for 70 years, and was unfortunately damaged in a 226 B.C. earthquake, his image is still very prevalent. Colossus is preserved on key chains, posters, models, postcards – you name it.

Besides hiking in Chamonix, the adventurous activities in Rhodes were my favorite. On the way to Lindos (on the other side of the island),  we learned that mountain goats inhabit the island everywhere. My friends and I got to hang out with eight goats for a bit. Once we reached Lindos, it felt like classic Greece to me. Lindos has a gorgeous bay with the traditional white buildings on an acropolis. The beach was fantastic with beautiful sand, and the sea water so clear and warm.

During my time with Forum-Nexus, I most looked forward to Greece, and it was so amazing to finally be there. It was amazing to look out at the sea and see the Turkish mountains right from our hotel. I love Rhodes and hope to explore Greece more one day!

By: Olivia Molof, 2014 Forum-Nexus Alumnae Olivia Molof