There’s a real beauty and privilege when it comes to multi-country study abroad program. You get a little taste of each region, immersion in some of the most iconic cities, paired with getaways to gems found off the beaten path. It’s the best of both worlds, study abroad and world travel. To say the least, you don’t want to miss out on our summer abroad.


After a six day stay in the heart of France, a high-speed train will usher our group into the enchanting country of Italy, known best for its scenic cities, friendly citizens, and world-class cuisine. Italia is nothing short of an enriching international experience. Our first stop brings us to the capital of fashion, business, and finance. This is Milan, Italy!

Best known for the Duomo di Milano, the keeper of da Vinci The Last Supper, and a central location for high-end luxury brands, the city of Milan is everything you’ve ever dreamt it to be and more. Think Gothic cathedrals, alluring architecture, art, bustling city life, and endless shops. And don’t forget about the incredible food! Students are encouraged to spend their time soaking up the rich art history, museum gazing, or shopping at famous stores – Prada, Versace, or Moschino, anyone?


Go ahead, watch a little preview of Italy the Forum-Nexus way on our YouTube channel.

During our 5 day stay in Milan, students will attend classes held at the historic campus of the Universita Cattolica, housed in a 14th century monastery. For weekend activities, Milan serves as a great travel hub to catch a train to popular nearby destinations such as Cinque Terre, Venice, Florence, and so on. Students can opt for a Forum-Nexus organized day trip, take a weekend excursion with their peers, or kick it in Milan. It’s hard to go wrong in Italy.


Get that camera ready, brush up on Italian history, and save a few extra Euros for incredible shopping.

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Milano awaits you!