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Home, Sweet Chamonix

Chamonix was by far my favorite city visited during my summer with Forum-Nexus. I enjoyed being outside, hiking and loved the easygoing atmosphere. This town was very laid-back and athletic, and I felt as if it paralleled my personality perfectly. Many mornings when I woke up to go for a run, there were several people awake and active. Most people were waiting in line to buy tickets or getting ready for a hike.


Courtesy of Victoria C.

The town of Chamonix is absolutely gorgeous; it felt like a fantasyland. From every angle of the town, I was able to see the snowy peak and beautiful mountains. Chamonix is also extremely quaint and has several little alleyways. The town is really well-structured and I liked the spacing of the buildings. I was able to go on a cable car all the way up to the top of the mountain. This was my favorite day of the trip! I got amazing pictures and the view was breathtaking. My friends and I were able to get drinks at the top of the mountain, which was really cool. I was also able to go on a four-hour hike and saw the waterfall and the glacier. This day was also amazing and I loved getting a good workout in. The hotel also allowed us to rent bikes which was really cool.


Courtesy of Victoria C.

Chamonix also happened to have my favorite food while being on the trip. I ate at Big Horn Bistro Restaurant and the Monkey Bar. Both restaurants had a great salad that I craved throughout the rest of the trip. I was able to eat crepes and really good gelato, too. Oddly, they also had the best nachos. I felt as if Chamonix food had several American options. Not to sound basic, but I feel like that was one of the reasons I loved Chamonix – I felt as if I was home.


Courtesy of Victoria C.

After exploring Chamonix, I learned that most locals speak English and that the town thrives on tourism. Every local told me I needed to come back in the winter to ski and climb the mountain. The locals were extremely friendly and informative, which is one of the reasons I loved the town so much! I recommend to future FN students that they devote a day to just explore the city and figure out there way around. There is so much the city has to offer and dozens of little-hidden restaurants and stores. I also highly recommend going on the cable cars and hiking the mountain.

By:  Victoria C., Forum-Nexus 2017 Alumna


Chamonix, a breath of fresh air- literally!

After a couple of weeks of busy city life in Barcelona and Paris, arriving in the quaint and beautiful town of Chamonix was nothing less than a breath of fresh air (literally). Chamonix is situated within the French Alps, and while staying in the town we always had a great view of Mont Blanc (the highest peak in Europe). Chamonix was my favorite location that we visited because it was quiet and beautiful but there was always something to do. The town has a ton of shops, bars, restaurants and cafes, and there are two cable car companies available to take visitors up into the Alps for one of the most beautiful views in Europe. While in Chamonix, many students went paragliding, hiked, and ate at the restaurants at the top of the mountains for a meal with a view. There was truly something for everyone.


When I was in Chamonix, I explored the town both on foot and by bike. Our hotel had free bikes for our use, so myself and a couple of other students took advantage of this and biked around town. It was a great way to see Chamonix. We explored the local shops and picked up some fresh fruit at a local market for a snack. All the local shop owners were extremely friendly. They asked where we were from and why we were in Chamonix, and gave us helpful tips on the best places to eat and the best sights to see.


On another day in Chamonix I took a cable car ride up to Le Brevent, a mountain which had a fantastic view of Mont Blanc as well as the town of Chamonix. The peak of Le Brevent was over 2,500 meters high, and it had the most beautiful view that I’ve ever seen. After walking around and taking photos, myself and some other Forum-Nexus students enjoyed sorbet and wine at the Panoramic restaurant at the top of the mountain.

Chamonix was a great location because everything to do in the town was within a short walking distance. There were laundry facilities less than 2 minutes from our hotel, a bank, and a post office where I was able to drop off a postcard to send home. Visiting Chamonix was a great opportunity to see a less urban side of France, and complimented the trip nicely.

Our hotel was homey and featured a spa area that made our stay feel like Heaven on Earth. When we weren’t exploring the town or the mountains we were recharging and relaxing. Because of its quiet nature, it was the perfect place to spend the midpoint of this study abroad experience.

By: Sarah Wallace, 2015 Forum-Nexus alumna