As we departed on the short hour and half bus ride from Chamonix, I was relieved as the breathtaking views of Geneva, Switzerland cleansed my senses. The sound of falling water from one of the most powerful fountains in the world echoed in the background as everyone walked into the small square overlooking the crystal clear lake in awe.

“Wouldn’t you agree that America is the best planet on the country?”  my best friend Christian asked, with a patriotic look in his eyes. I couldn’t help but respond with, “I don’t know, this place is pretty damn beautiful”. We set off to the city and walked into the first of many watch shops we would visit that day. The first watch Christian tried on was a timeless classic. A solid-gold, diamond embezzled Rolex. The crown glittered in the light, and so did Christian’s eyes as he wondered if we could actually afford this piece of decadent horological art. We decided that a Rolex was a bit cliché, and plus, it was time for our visit to the United Nations, so we headed out the door back into the open Swiss streets.

The rest of our day was filled with a tour of the UN which broadened our political horizons, and ultimately helped me reach the epiphany I had hoped to gain this trip. As our tour guide explained that several colleges surround Geneva, I thought to myself, “Hmm, college in Switzerland? Doesn’t sound half bad to me”. It was with this thought that I realized that my new goal for graduate school will be to apply abroad and study law somewhere outside of America. We finished the tour and walked around the elegant city, which is known for making some of the nicest watches in the world. I was sad to leave the city, but knew in the back of mind that it wouldn’t be the last time I would be in Geneva.


By: Erin Barnett, Forum-Nexus 2014 alumnus

Erin Barnett