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Destination 8: This is Rome!

Our second to last city spotlight is upon us and our trip to Europe is weeks away! Still haven’t locked down plans for this summer? There are a handful of spots left on the Forum Europe Summer 2017 program… 9 European cities, transferable college credits, friends from all over the world, professional networking opportunities, and memories to last a lifetime; why not take the leap? Apply for FREE here.


Once our time exploring Northern Italy wraps up, Forum-Nexus will catch a high speed train to one of the world’s most beloved and ancient cities, the glorious Rome, Italy.

Known for its deep history, iconic landmarks, and proud culture, Rome is everything great you’ve heard it to be and so much more. The capital of Italy is often known as home to the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, neighbor to Vatican City, film location to The Lizzie McGuire Movie, and as the former Roman Empire.


Watch all the magic that Rome holds in this recap of our week spent there last summer!


Why do Forum-Nexus students love Rome so much? Because there is so much to do! Rome is brimming with awesome sites, people to meet, and food to eat. Seriously, there is a monument and eatery on every corner. Five days will go by in a flash! Students can look forward to spending their time exploring the city( on their own and on group walking tours), attending classes, participating in a professional visit to the FAO, and having nonstop fun. On the weekends, students are invited to take an optional FN day trip the incredible Pompeii ruins, the Vesuvius Volcano, and Naples.


Sound too good to be true? Allora, come along and see for yourself this summer. The Eternal City is waiting to win you over; this is Rome, Italy!

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How visiting the FAO of Rome re-inspired my career goals

The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) branch in Rome was my favorite professional visit with Forum-Nexus because I think that working there would be a dream come true. I really admire the goals and objectives the UN has and how it promotes cooperation between countries to solve problems. Their motto is to, “Achieve food security for all… to make sure people have regular access to enough high-quality food to lead active, healthy lives.” The Food and Agriculture department of the UN is extremely important because it is combating world hunger, which is a huge controversial issue. Any individual who works at FAO knows that they are making a difference in the world and that their job has a real purpose.


Just the FAO campus itself was extremely impressive. The amount of large conference rooms was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  I really enjoyed learning about how each country gets to design its own office and make it unique to its culture. Cooperation was clearly represented throughout the campus through the presentation of multiple flags all over conference rooms and multiple interpreters speaking 6 different languages, symbolizing that language is a barrier that will not keep nations apart.

During the visit I learned a lot about how the UN works together with large corporations to try to end world hunger. Prior to the visit, I assumed that the UN would fight against big food companies due to their poor nutrition content, use of GMO’s, and greedy reputations. I was definitely surprised by what I learned, but it made sense that it is better for individuals to have low-quality food than no food at all. Due to the amount of money and power these large corporations have, the UN needs to work together with them if they have any hope of solving this world hunger issue. I also learned how much influence money has over the food industry. Subsidies in the U.S affect the industry immensely. Honestly, I was unaware that the UN had a Food and Agricultural branch before participating in Forum-Nexus. I actually knew very little about the UN in general. After these two visits (the human rights branch in Geneva and the Food and Agriculture branch in Rome) I feel much more knowledgeable on how our world works together to combat huge issues. As Hugo, the director of Forum-Nexus, would say, my “International IQ” has increased significantly thanks to these visits!

This professional visit is extremely applicable to my area of study because business is all about cooperation and having meetings to solve issues and get work done. The UN Food and Agriculture branch functions just as a business does to solve issues. When running a business, the goal is always to be as efficient as possible. The Food and Agriculture Organization is always brainstorming to find faster and better ways to provide healthy food to more people, just as a business is always coming up with new ways to make their product better and cheaper. FAO also stresses the importance of cooperation with different countries and cultures. In my business career, I will most likely at some point have to work together with people of different backgrounds to solve problems. I would love to work for a corporation like the United Nations and fight for world issues that I’m passionate about so much so that I am going to look into their intern program for next summer. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations truly left a lasting impression on me and has motivated me to have a career in which I am helping people and making this world a better place, for us and for generations to come.

By: Liz Hawkins, 2015 Forum-Nexus alumna

Elizabeth Hawkins (LIZ) 2

Rome- Geoff

When in Rome

Rome was definitely my favorite city of all of the places that we visited, and for a multitude of reasons.  Rome’s historical background plus the Italian people and culture culminated from the daily life created a peaceful and proud city.  The food was amazing.  There was a general sense of togetherness when dining in many of the ristorantes and cafes that helped you feel at home.  The locals seemed very helpful and luckily for us they spoke more English than many of the cities that we had been to before.  I enjoyed walking through the city just to explore and to see many monuments that I had no idea even existed.


The city is beautiful from almost any angle or location.  Much of the city still contains historical remnants from ancient times.  Sometimes we would be walking through a park or close to the Colosseum and we would see ancient ruins.  This was pleasing to see because it reminded me of the fantastic era when Rome was the center of intellectual thinking.  The streets had a different atmosphere than many cities that I have been to before.  There were many cafes and shops and street vendors.  The streets were bustling with activity; streetcars, motorists and jaywalking pedestrians filled the streets.  There were ancient obelisks, columns, and fountains in a multitude of plazas that were exciting to see.  Many of the large buildings had a renaissance style to them, creating a deep sense of historical presence.  I loved the sidewalks and streets; many of the streets were of brick that were created with a design that I had seen in many other European cities that make it look like they are arching to the left and the right.  Many big cities are too busy and impersonal, but this city gave me a sense of community that I appreciated.

While in Rome I was able to visit many of the places that I have read about for years.  I first made sure to see the Forum and the colosseum.  The colosseum was on the top of my list for things to see.  When we got there I could feel the energy in the air.  This was it, I was looking at the magnificent arena that was built in 70 A.D. where gladiators fought to the death in front of thousands.  I was truly moved by its presence.  The Forum was very interesting.  True, it was mostly ruins that were hard to imagine as they once were, but I still found them very interesting.  This was the mecca of ancient Roman culture and congregation.  On another day we made our way through the streets to discover the Pantheon.  Upon arrival I was stunned; the great size of the Pantheon, the columns, and the enormous pediment were breathtaking.  The inside was also very interesting.  It was decorated with religious meaning.  It was cool to see the construction of the dome, but I couldn’t help wondering how much of the interior had been renovated through the centuries.  We also had a night tour of the Vatican museums and the Sistine Chapel.  The museums were stocked full of stolen artifacts from around Rome and other countries.  It was interesting to be in the midst of these grand collections of ancient Egyptian and Roman artifacts and statues.  The Sistine Chapel was the main highlight of the night.  I gazed upon Michaelangelo’s  magnificent creation for a long time.  The details, the contrast, the color and light mastery and the realistic effect played on my eyes while I was mesmerized.  I felt truly blessed to witness such art.

Although there was much that I was able to see, I would still like more time to enjoy more of what Rome has to offer.  It would have been nice to get more in touch with the locals or even to visit the beach that was not too far from the city.  If I had the chance I would definitely return in the future.

 By: Geoffrey Eppler, 2015 Forum-Nexus alumnus

Geoffrey Eppler



Visiting my favorite European City: Rome!

From the history, all the way to the fabulous food, Italy’s Rome was the most fascinating city I visited on my Forum-Nexus European adventure. Rome contains a great amount of history, extending all the way back to the B.C. era, mixed with a great amount of modern day lifestyle.

One of my favorite things about Rome was seeing something new around every corner. The old historic buildings placed right next to modern day shops gave the city a very unique feel. Visiting the Pantheon and the Colosseum was very educational and mind-blowing. Seeing pictures in school textbooks while growing up versus standing in the buildings, is a feeling that cannot be described. Reflecting on how these two buildings were built almost two-thousand years ago gave me a great opportunity to understand the way of life during the Roman Empire.

I also visited Vatican City. There I was fortunate to see the Sistine Chapel as well as St. Peter’s Basilica. I was simply in awe over all the famous art of the Sistine Chapel and found it hard to believe that I was seeing this, too, in real life. Walking on the grounds where life-changing decisions were made, seeing the tomb of St. Peter, and walking into the “Rock of the Church” gave me an indescribable feeling.

Looking back on my experience in Rome makes me realize that I will forever cherish it. From learning about the famous Roman Empire to so much world history, I am fortunate to have finally experienced the culture of this magical city.

 Abigail Morris

By: Abigail Morris, 2014 Forum-Nexus Alumnae